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Our Services | HCD DREAM


Human Centric Design Solution and Services for Your Dream Space

We ensure humanizing each bit of your dream home to create space for your DREAMS and ever cherishing value in each sqft of your dream home. We go to the last thread of your preference, constraints, hobbies, lifestyle and taste of all members of the family. After all the dream home and place must belong to every member of the family.
Together we give design space to your dream for it to come true

"Value for money" -Rental Home

✔  Home perfect for quick rental
✔ Attractive Functional home with decent styling
✔ Apt designs to fetch higher rental value
✔ Thoughtfully designed to make it sustainable in long           term with low/zero maintenance
✔ BoQ and BOM

Extendable to Self Living Rental Home 

✔ You want to rent it now and move it later….. No
worries…Our designs will help you make your home to your taste when you decide to move in…Without spending much.
✔  Adaptable and Flexible designs to accommodate any changes any time

Rental Plus

✔ Apt designs to fetch higher rental value
✔ All the rooms interiors aptly designed and sized to fit the budget and functionality both
✔ Extended Rental to strike perfect balance between self living and rental home with high rental value
✔ Apt Space management
✔ Thoughtfully designed to make it sustainable in long term with low/zero maintenance

Self Living – Personalized

✔ Apt designs to match your tastes and preferences
✔ Smart utilization of utility space for Pooja unit.
✔ More open space blended with apt functional usage of the spaces
✔ All the rooms interiors aptly designed and sized to fit the budget and functionality both
✔ Perfect blending of contemporary and tradition design
✔ Apt Space management

Lifestyle Self Living Home

✔ Fully Functional home to your needs, hobbies, taste and requirements
✔ Theme based interior designs
✔ Home styling and décor that reflect your lifestyle and preferences
✔ Special custom wall paper design
✔ Special custom false ceiling design
✔ Special custom lighting design

Luxury Self Living Home

✔ Custom interior for each member of the family
✔ Detailed demographic approach for designing the interiors
✔ Contemporary and innovative Designs that express your tastes.
✔ Extremely functional suiting each member
Convertible TV panel, library and home theatre system with Fusion Design.
✔ Rustic and Natural combination Study cum unwind room
✔ Luxurious bedroom with elegant styling and decor

Home and Office Renovation Service

✔ Concepts and Designs to blend new and existing interior designs
✔ Smart and wise budgeting and spending with reuse of existing stuff
✔ Transformation to new age designs and taste
✔ Meticulous planning and execution

Cowork Office Design

✔ Offices for Millennials and Gen Y
✔ Integrated office design with recreation and  unwind spaces
✔ Smart Concepts and Designs to optimize budget
✔ Eco-Friendly Designs
✔ Branding Enhancing designs

Dance Studio and Multipurpose hall

✔ Dance Studio plus Zumba, yoga and movie theatre convertible to online web conference
✔ Community Kitchen – Tickles your culinary skills
✔ Optimum use of the space with cricket nets
✔ Roof top Restaurants for formal or social gathering and networking event

Resort and Restaurants

✔ Hill station resorts with optimum budget
✔ Eco friendly interior designs
✔ Turnkey Solutions
✔ Smart Space Management


Carpentary Work

Painting Work

Electrical Work

Decor & Styling Work

Pop Work

Civil & Plumbing Work